The Other Place

Two figures could be seen walking hand in hand, one smaller than the other.

“Mommy… where are we?” said the little girl.

“I don’t know honey, but we need to keep walking.” said the woman.

“I’m scared…” started the little girl, “I don’t like this place, can we just go home please?”

The little girl began to tug her arm away from her mother, “I don’t want to go that way anymore, I want to go home mommy, why can’t we just go back ho-“

“Stop it Lani, you need to stop acting like a little child” The mother paused, “We need to keep walking forward, we can’t go home anymore.”

Lani gave up her attempt to convince her mother to turn back, and let herself be pulled.

An hour had passed, Lani was getting restless but didn’t want to upset her mother again. She was hesitant to ask a question that had been bugging her since they first started on this path.

“Mommy, is it my fault we are walking this way?” Lani’s soft voice said, “I didn’t mean to make Daddy so mad, I just wanted him to stop.” She had been feeling guilty and now she finally said what had been on her mind.

Her mother stopped in her tracks and stood completely still lowering her head, for she could no longer deny her emotions. She turned around and got on one knee to face Lani and started to embrace her. Lani could feel tears soaking the right shoulder of her pajamas, “I’m sorry mommy I didn’t m-” said Lani.

“It’s my fault- Lani…” Her mother’s voice cracked, with tears rolling down her face “I should’ve been stronger, I should’ve done something sooner and now it’s too late…” She took a deep breathe and raised her head away from Lani, looking her in the face. Her eyes were watery with cheeks still puffy and soaked from the tears, “You did nothing wrong Lani, you are my special girl” She let out a small smile, “I need you to be strong for me and follow where I go okay?”

“Okay mommy, I’ll be strong…” said Lani, not wanting to let her mother down.

Her mother stood back up and turned away from Lani, walking towards the light.

Lani followed quickly behind her mother.

They were on their way to where light shined bright, where things were calm and best, they were on their way to the other place, where their souls could finally rest.

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I like books, photography, and films. I'm always online!

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