The Wise Woman

I covered myself so that no one in town would question the spots that were appearing around my body. My efforts were unneeded, if I had walked naked no one in the village would have really care, after all I was almost a slave.

It was a struggle to walk, much less make the journey to see the Wise Woman. She was a distributor of herbs, spices and the village’s only source of medicine. There were rumors that she would sacrifice live animals and eat children to keep her youthful figure, some say she’s been alive for over three centuries. I had never met her before, I was always afraid because of what people said she could do. Some villagers say she could make animals speak, she could keep loved ones from dying and some say she can send demons to your bed, and casts curses on those that have crossed her with her methods. The people of the village respected her because there were countless stories of her saving so many loved ones, but no one was dumb enough not to fear her. She delved into practices that many of those in the village believed to be of a darker nature.

No one crossed the Wise Woman, the land owners and Elders stayed clear of her, but would sought her counsel during droughts and strong storms. She was said to be able to control the weather if she willed it. No one said a bad word to her, many were to afraid to even think of her, terrified that the Wise Woman could hear their thoughts. The only person that ever had the guts to call her a “witch” was Leison, he was a lot larger than I was and a few years older; a beast of a man. He said he wasn’t scared of some old stupid witch who would be better off dead, once when he got drunk at the tavern. The next morning, Leison was nowhere to be found. His clothes still in his home, food and money there too. Almost as if he had just left the village with only the clothes on his back.

I didn’t want to see he, I was afraid, but I also knew that the rumors the people kept whispering about the Wise Woman were probably false. The people in the village love to make up stories and rumors; it keeps them entertained to talk about other people lives and secrets.

I finally got to her parcel of land, it looked normal, no dead animals or weird symbols, just plants and trees that looked well taken care of. I walked right up to her front door and knocked, feeling a bit more comfortable now. I had convinced myself that there was probably nothing to be afraid of, that she was probably just an old lady…. that was until the door opened. It creaked open, loud and slow, then I heard a shrill voice in the distance of the dark and empty home, “Come in.”

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