The Last Ravioli

Setting: Two men sitting around a dead camp fire… it’s an open setting, and sunny as if they’re in the middle of nowhere. .

Opening scene.

The sun appears in frame bright. The back of a hand comes into frame blocking the sun, camera switches to Joaquin who is creating a shade to block the sun with his hand. Mid-shot of Joaquin laying on his back using his bag as a pillow looking up at the sky with his hand still blocking the sun. Off camera we can hear Locks is searching through his own bag rigorously. Joaquin turns his head to look towards Locks…

Joaquin: “What…?”

Locks: slams his bag on the floor gets up from one knee and starts walking towards Joaquin “Get up, let me see your bag.”

Joaquin: “What!..?”

Locks: “Let me see your bag”

Joaquin: “I’m not showing you shit, it’s hot as fuck and I just got comfortable-”

Locks: raises his foot to stomp Joaquin in the chest

Joaquin: rolls out of the way before the foot can land on his chest gettin up to his feet

Locks: Bends over grabbing the bag “I know you took my-”

Joaquin: tackles Locks, pinning him down to the ground “What the fuck is your problem!”

Locks: lands a right hook to Joaquin’s head

Joaquin: fall off Locks, hitting the ground… slowly grabs towards the knife in his boot “you’re gonna pay for that!”

Locks: reaches inside Joaquin’s bag and pulls out a can “I knew it!”

Joaquin: starts slashing with the knife at Locks with each word “I’m. So. Sick. Of. Your. Shit!”

Locks: dodging all the slashes grabs Joaquin’s knife wielding arm and headbutts him

Joaquin: drops the knife and falls onto his back dazed, crawls backwards

Locks: slowly bends down to grab the knife sinsterly… slowly walks towards Joaquin casting a shadow over Joaquin, who is still on the floor

Joaquin: looks nervous and bleeding from the forehead, suddenly becomes serious “just do it”

Camera is looking through the POV of Joaquin but at a mid closeup shot of Locks

Locks: “I will” lunges the knife towards the camera

Camera cuts to the can and knife plunging through it.

Camera mid shot of Locks trying to cut the can open with the knife

Joaquin: “What!? You don’t want to kill me?”

Locks: “Kill you? Why would I kill you dumb ass, you’re my brother. Plus, you’re the only one that knows how to build a fire.”

Joaquin: with a confused look on his face “Then why did you attack me?”

Locks: “Cuz you’re a thief, you tried to steal my ravioli points to the can like I wouldn’t notice.”

Joaquin: “What the fuck are you talking about? You gave that to me you idiot! For the the soda back in Elsa…”

Locks: looks up, thinking “Oh yeah…. Well, it’s mine now, I already opened it” walking back to his bag to sit down

Joaquin: sits up to a sitting position exhaling loudly and wiping the blood off from his forehead he looks up to the sun and tries to block the sun again with his hand

Joaquin is seen looking up to the sun. Camera switches to the sun appearing in frame bright. The back of Joaquin’s hand comes into frame blocking the sun.

End Scene.

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