Dating Bio

I don’t even know why I’m on here, my friends made me do this. I’m a humble Christian loving woman looking for something serious so please don’t waste my time. Absolutely no hook-ups, so if that’s what you’re looking for, feel free to swipe left. I am the mother of two angels and they mean the world to me. I love Starbucks and Target, they are my favorite places in the whole world. I’m 5’4″ (very tall) so if you’re not at least 6 feet tall then don’t even bother. Boys can’t handle a woman like me, so only swipe right if you’re a real man. I never message first, so if you want to talk to me then message me.

**McDonald’s is not considered a date!**

P.S. I might have accidentally swiped right because of your dog.

Published by @babybearrudy

I like books, photography, and films. I'm always online!

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