Class Clown

Murphy was sitting at his desk reading his favorite book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.”

He wasn’t a very smart kid, he kept to himself and avoided conflict. His hair was red, his skin was pale and his nose always went blood red when he got nervous, which the kids would regularly tease him for by calling him the Class Clown.

The class was always rowdy and in complete chaos, with kids never listening to the teacher, Ms. Daily because she would just watch her favorite shows on her phone with her headphones on.

Murphy was reading his book, when Danny decided to come up behind him and give him a wet willie. Murphy was confused as he jumped out of the way once he felt his ear cold and wet.

“You’re such a boring clown, clowns are supposed to be stupid and funny, but you’re just stupid!,” Danny said with a big smirk on his face, “My little brother can read that book faster than you and he’s only 5.”

Murphy tried to ignore Danny, he usually would just leave him alone and move on to the next kid to pick on if Murphy ignored him.

Noticing that Murphy just went back to reading his book, annoyed Danny more than usual. “Hey, I’m talking to you.” Danny shouted at him, but Murphy continued to ignore him. This annoyed Danny to the point that he kicked the side of Murphy’s desk causing it to tip over and fall on its other side. A loud crash made the whole class pay attention. Then, the whole class began to laugh at Murphy, his nose got really red, to which everyone began to chant “Class Clown, Class Clown, Class Clown!”

Ms. Daily glanced at the situation for a moment but then went back to her phone.

Murphy got up slowly, but he wasn’t wearing a sad face or nervous at all, his face was completely stoic. He went to the back of the class where all the backpacks were piled up, put his bag on and went towards the front door.

“You going to go cry to the principal again, you poor little baby crier.” Yelled Danny across the classroom.

Murphy reached for the door, locking it.

Murphy reached into his backpack, and pulled out the handgun he stole from his oldest brother’s closet.

His brother had a lot of bullets.

screaming ensued


banging on the window and walls as everyone tried to escape

The room fell almost silent with only loose papers that had flown up and were now slowly falling to the ground.

He tucked in his uniform, as it had come undone from the back.

“I’ve got to admit, I expected a little more pizzazz if I’m being completely honest” said Murphy to the silent room.

He put his gun back into his bag and exhaled a breath of relief, “Man that felt good.”

Then he heard a coughing noise, as if chocking on water. He grabbed for his gun again and walked towards the source of the sounds slowly. A few bodies were covering her, but her head was still visible. In seeing him, her eyes opened twofold. It was Ms. Daily. Her choking grew faster, and she wiggled more and more, trying to escape but it was futile, she was stuck and under the mercy of this murderer. “Any last words before the end of this amazing performance, Ms. Daily?” Murphy said.

Her chocking continued, but was still able to blurt out a muffled word, “Why… why?” Showing her teeth in pain, with blood flooding out of her mouth.

“You see, I just don’t like this school, I don’t like the students, the teachers, and I really don’t appreciate the name Class Clown, which everyone loves to call me so much.”

He pressed the mouth of the gun against her forehead with a smile on his face.

“It’s funny, you call me a clown but y’all are the ones always clowning around. HAHAHAAHAHA!!”

a bullet fires and the room finally goes dead silent

It was so quiet you wouldn’t have guessed that just 5 minutes earlier kids were playing around and jumping off desks, paper footballs, running around the class, boys kissing girls, girls kissing boys, shooting spitballs, with the teacher at her desk just ignoring the students’ antics and watching her shows with her headphones on*

Murphy walked back towards his desk, picked it up and sat back down. He went back to the page he had left on and began reading, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…”

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