I can’t stay focused, my mind feels so foggy with all the medication the nurses put in me. Time moves by so fast, weeks feel like days, days feel like hours. Here it comes again, one of the nurses gets me with the thick needle, god I hate those needles… the sharp pain is followed by the pressure of the solution in the syringe. However, this time it’s different, I feel myself drifting further; the fog is there but now I can feel myself going into something deeper. They’re putting me to sleep again! It doesn’t make sense, the clock above my door reads that it’s only 3pm, they don’t usually put me to sleep until 8pm and not a minute sooner, something must be wrong. The darkness finally takes me and I drift to sleep.

I’m back at work, with my lab equipment and formulas on the board. I can see someone bringing me a report and discussing the details on how we might be able to achieve a successful trial. The conversation is engaging but I know the truth, I have to get the funding for our project, if we are to ever have a hope of attempting a successful trial. Our work is groundbreaking which has the potential to save so many lives and would revolutionize the world as we know it.

I feel so cold and light-headed, the soreness of my neck keeps me from turning my neck too much and my whole body aches. I hear muffled footsteps. I also can’t see very well, my vision is blurry and I can barely make out the tile floors. Why am I seeing the floor tiles go by? I finally come to, I’m being carried!

Okay focus, look around and try to figure out where I am. I try to look for a window, maybe it could be a clue to my location. I manage to get a glimpse through one of the windows to my right side but I just see darkness outside. It’s the dead of night and there’s tree branches waving outside. Where am I? Something has gone wrong because even though I can feel them trying to remain calm and collected, they’re moving with a sense of urgency; they must be in a hurry to get me to their destination.

They suddenly stop, the biggest one of the four guards places me on the ground in a sitting position, with my back against the wall. The four guards are dressed entirely in black and have stocky builds. The nurse that put me to sleep is also with them. The guard handcuffs my right wrist to the steel pipe extruding from the brick wall and then groups back with the others but still nearest to me.

My hearing is getting better. Why are the alarms going off? They are so loud.


The double doors that dissect the long hallway in front of us blast off. A thick smoke begins to encapsulates the room very quickly. I can barely make out a figure at the beginning of the hallway. The guards pull out handguns and start aiming past the smoke at the shadowy figure with their backs towards me. They are shouting at the figure but the figure keeps marching towards us. They start firing their weapons…

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