Breaking Heart

She was putting her hunter green sweater back on, fixing her funny looking blue hat with the puffy black ball on top, when she reaches for the door. She extends her left arm grabbing the door knob, clenching it but before she can twist it open, she turns her head towards me; not completely, almost like she doesn’t want me to see her entire face. I can barely see the side of her face but I see a black mascara line on her cheek, a remnant of the tear that was rolling down her face, not a minute ago.

“You know, part of me always knew we weren’t right for each other. We fight way too much,” she paused. cracking a small broken smile, “not even my parents fought this much when they were getting divorced.”

I wanted to tell her I was sorry, to take back everything that had just been said. I wanted to put back together all the pieces of us that were whole for just a few more moments. We were something just a few minutes earlier, we had been in each others’ lives for four years doing everything together, and now, and now we’re just a broken piece of NOTHING.

“I’m sorr-” I uttered.

“No, don’t. I know you just want to fix this. You always just want to fix everything, but honestly, it’s better if you just don’t.” she continued, “ I honestly, thought this would work eventually and that’s why I stayed. I thought this could somehow just work, like in the movies.”

She turned her head with her face facing straight at me, tears began to roll down her cheeks again. Her eyes were so blue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them that blue before. She was so beautiful, just the sight of her in that moment made me lose my breath. I couldn’t breathe one word, like I was in a trance, just taking her in.

She picked up her right hand to wipe her face, still clenching the door knob with her left. She finally twisted it, opening the door, “I guess, I’ll see you around…” Out the door she was, already closing the door behind her.

A small whisper managed to escape my lips, “Wait…” I said.

I saw the door stay ajar for a second longer, like she was still there, holding it open. Then it finally closed and just like that, I felt like a chapter in my life had just finished.

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