Letters From Erin p.1

Dear Rudy,

     Well I am about to leave but I guess I felt like I had a few more things to say. Get ready for some serious cheesiness 🙂

You are my best friend. And you are super sexy, so that’s a plus. Even your farts are hot. I love laughing with you and spending all day in bed talking. Time just seems to go away when I’m with you. That’s why this month away from you is going to drag by; I am going to be aware of every moment I can’t be kissing you. I know we piss each other off, but you are the only guy who is worth arguing with. Anyways, I love you. And even if you have sex with a bazillion girls, remember none of them have a mustache like mine :p



P.S. I would love to hear your voice over break, so if you feel like calling that would be cool 🙂

P.P.S. Writing this note is going to make me super late to the airport… Jerk.

(Context For Cow Drawings: I really like cows and Erin knew they’re my favorite animal)

Credit To Erin McMorries

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