Adviser: “You are here today, due to the accusation that you have stolen from the throne, which is punishable by death. No one is exempt from this fate, unless the King decides otherwise.”

The court doors slam open, general Minaris rushes in

Minaris: “What is this? Why is my boy in chain-“

King: “Your son is in chains because someone accused him of stealing from the throne, from stealing from ME!”

Minaris checks himself and takes a knee, bowing his head

Minaris: “I’m deeply sorry Sire, I was unaware of these accusations against my boy however you must understand my lord, they are just accusations.”

King: “Rise Minaris, stand by your boy.”

Minaris rises and walks to his son

The boy is shaking and sobbing, like a scared child.

Boy: Sobbing, “I’m sorry father I didn’t me-“

Minaris: Whispering, “Silence boy, let me do the talking.”

Adviser: “Minaris, these accusations do come from the royal cabinet. Are you sure you are willing to go against them? You will face the same fate as your son if found guilty.”

Minaris: “I am aware.”

Adviser: “Okay then, let the trial commence.”

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