The sunlight bounced off of her skin, she glimmered with a radiating smile. She was the only good thing about all of this, the only thing left worth fighting for. She was everything to me and I was about to rip her heart out.

“Not here Frank, let’s do it another day” I pleaded, “Today is a bad day for her.”

“Everyday is a bad day Heather, we need to do it now because sooner or later she’s going to figure out what’s going on” replied Frank.

I knew Frank was right. It was time, but my heart wanted to keep her smile from fading as long as I could.

“Okay fine, but let me be the one to do it, it won’t sound so harsh coming from me” I said.

“Fine, whatever you think is best” replied Frank.

“Delilah! Come here for a moment” I said.

“Coming Mommy!” Delilah came rushing to the park bench where her parents were sitting, “Watch this!” She was running faster now, doing a cartwheel with her body, “I learned that at school yesterday, isn’t it cool?”

“That was so amazing Hunny” I replied, turning to face Frank, “Wasn’t that amazing Frank-”

Frank gave me a stern look, he wasn’t budging. I took a deep breath and turned back to facing her. That smile still beaming with happiness. She was so beautiful, I just wanted to stop time and keep her smile for eternity.

My heart wanted to break in half. I placed my left hand on her shoulder and started to run my fingers through her long brown hair. “Look Hunny” I started, “Your father and I love you very much, and we’re always going to keep loving you. I just want you to know none of this is your fault, okay.”

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