Glass Half Full

“Are you going to drink that?” said the bartender. He had been ignoring the stranger but noticed that they hadn’t touched their glass.

The stranger remained silent, staring at the drink with his right hand in his jacket, moving it around like he was rubbing his fingers on something inside the pocket.

The bartender wanted to ignore him but no one else was at the bar. He noticed the dog tags the stranger was wearing around his neck, “Oh did you serve?” and waited for a response.The stranger let out a cough, still looking at the glass “You know… when I was a teenager, I met the most beautiful girl in the world. Those eyes could floor you with one look, and they did just that to me.” The bartender stepped a little closer towards the bar putting down the glass he had wiped down and picked up a dirty one. “I ain’t come from money, so I joined the Marines right out of high school and left her here in the States” the stranger looked up from the glass and started talking to the Bartender, “I was so sure she would find someone else, you couldn’t keep a girl like that from being noticed in that town. She could’ve had any smuck she wanted but when I came back from my tour she was waiting for me, can you believe that?” the stranger’s mouth cracked out a tiny smirk. It didn’t look right, the man’s face looked as if he hadn’t smiled in ages.The bartender put down the glass and stopped cleaning, his body inching closer to the stranger. “So what happened next…” the bartender asked.“Well, I got a job as a trucker and gave her a few kids. I worked a lot, taking extra assignments to make some more money. I just wanted to give her and the kids the best life; the life she deserved. I set us up in a nice big home surrounded by a red picket fence and a huge front door. I even got her this stupid little dog she always wanted; we were really happy” said the stranger moving his gaze back to the glass, pulling his right hand out of his jacket to grab the glass.The stranger started moving the glass around slowly, looking at the whiskey flow inside “But long trips on a truck alone do make you lonely. I started drinking… so much some days that the sun and the night just kind of meshed together… One night coming back from one of my trips, I was so hammered and angry and I just didn’t want to hear it. This beautiful woman who had made me the most happiest man and gave me the most wonderful kids…” He paused taking a moment to gulp down his drink, letting out a sigh of content, “Damn that’s strong! Pour me another one.” 

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I like books, photography, and films. I'm always online!

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