Ralph is sitting on his small bed staring at the envelope in his hands. He wants to open it but dreads what it contains. The envelope’s header read “The University Of Texas at Austin.”

Ralph flips the envelope over and starts to open it but hesitates; this letter can change everything. He instead stuffs the envelope in his backpack and walks out of his room and into the living room.

Ralph hears the television playing and tries to walk out the front door as fast as he can.

“Hey, there’s no tortillas” says the man lying on the couch.

Ralph continued walking towards the front door.

“Hey I’m talking to you!” the man said wobbling a bit before getting up to his feet. He made his way towards Ralph, pushing his shoulders back and protruding his chest out.

Ralph stopped to a halt and turned around to face the man, uttering out an annoyed sigh.

The man was barefoot, wearing boxers and a stained muscle shirt that hadn’t been washed in days. There were a dozen empty beer cans lying on the glass coffee table with an ashtray full of cigarette butts.

“I heard you. I’ll pick some up on my way home” said Ralph.

“Are you sure you heard me? Cause I didn’t hear anything” replied the man.

“I said, I heard you” Ralph said raising his voice.

The man took a step back, pressing his hand against his chest acting surprised “Oh what a big man we have here, raising your voice. So you think you’re a big man now?”

Ralph remained silent holding his breath and standing completely still.

“Show me you’re a big man, I dare you” the man brought his hands up making them into fists and getting in a boxing stance, “You think you’re a tough guy huh” the man took a big step back and launched his fist right for Ralph’s face. The man stopped his fist an inch away from Ralph’s nose, “Now get outta my face, I don’t want to see you.”

Ralph’s eyes remained open the entire time, he was motionless until started to breath again.

The man walked back to couch and laid down, yelling “Oh, and don’t forget my tortillas!”

Ralph walked out the front door, taking a few steps with tears starting to roll down his cheeks. He made his way to the school bus stop, trying to wipe his tears away so the other kids wouldn’t make fun of him.

Ralph got on the bus and sat alone in the back of the bus. He reached for his backpack and opened the envelope, pulling the letter out to read it. Tears began to roll down his face again, the kids sitting a few seats in front of him started making fun, “Ha ha look at Ralph he’s crying!”

This didn’t affect Ralph though because his he had the biggest smile on his face, he wiped his tears away and clears his throat stuffing the letter back into his backpack. “I’m not crying, I just got something in my eye!” Ralph yelled back.


Rafael Hernandez March 14, 2019 400 Meadow Dr Laredo, TX 78041

Dear Mr. Hernandez:

Congratulations! Based on a review of your current academic credentials and personal achievements. I am pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the University Of Texas at Austin. In accordance with admissions policy, the Admissions Committee has reviewed your requested majors in order of listed preference and admitted you to the college and major for which you have qualified.

Sincerely, Judy Herrera The Office Of Admission

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