Poem For Erin

At first, you were but another leaf

In a forest full of trees

So many leaves to count from

So many, it was too easy to pick from

So beautiful they all were

My world, was but a blur

Leaves were easy to pick from the floor

Until I looked up, and saw a beauty I had never seen before

Hanging from the tallest tree

Only that leaf would satisfy me

Magnificent like a tigress

With an exterior

So superior

An attractiveness that summons you out of a coma

With a power that brings you to your knees

Or chooses to save you from the gallows

And can even set you free

That is my Erin

The leaf with which I have found

I am tied to and bound

But a curse it is not

But a blessing it is

The leaf I have found

Picked from the tallest tree and turned around

To see there is more to this leaf than just its exterior

At points, she makes me feel inferior

Another side just as beautiful

So passive but passionate, so calm and forgiving

If death is inevitable, she is my reason for living

Sometimes I stop to think

What if I had never picked that leaf?

Or was it her who picked me?

But now it is clear, I can see…

She wasn’t made for me…

God made me for her

To make her happy always

And protect her from evil…

Forever I’m yours

With love and hate

My body will never deviate

From that leaf named Erin

My heart wants to shout

She has planted a seed of love in me

You can hear it sprout

If you listen closely to my heartbeat…

It’s shouting!

Yet sounds just as loud as a whisper

But the fact that I can hear it

Let’s me know that I’m with her

*I made this poem over 5 years ago for an ex-girlfriend Erin*

Published by @babybearrudy

I like books, photography, and films. I'm always online!

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