Detective Batsy

Detective Batsy, Age 1, Black Female Feline, Solves Crime, Likes Treats

11:34am There was a breaking and entering.

I got here right after the incident *the loud crash* and nothing adds up. There was a broken vase in the kitchen, claw marks on the sofa and treats were missing, my treats. I know I shouldn’t be on this case, because I’m too close to it and presents a conflict of interest, but this goes beyond protocol, this is personal.

11:54am After cleaning myself and looking for clues.

I spotted treat residue on the couch, meaning the suspect at large took his time with the burglary, first taking their time with the treats and then helping themselves to the couch, but the vase still doesn’t add up, why break the vase, this case is like none I’d seen before.

12:08pm I searched the evidence I’d gathered and determined suspects.

The Detail I ran goes as follows:

Weto, Age 7, White Male Feline, Likes Sunbathing, Likes Treats.

Vampiro, Age 1, Black Male Feline, Likes Climbing Trees, Likes Treats.

Tigger, Age 5, Black with Orange Stripes Male Canine, Humps Everything, Likes Treats.

Rocky, Age 2, Blonde and Black Male Canine, Barks at Everything, Likes Treats.

I was getting nowhere, all these suspects had a motive to do what they did, but which of them was it, it was starting to take a toll on me…

12:34pm Another clue presented itself.

I searched the parameter for what felt like days and I found a crucial clue, a paw mark left at the top of the counter where the vase was before it was knocked off. After examining the paw mark which was made from treat residue, the size was too small to be the Canines, it had to be a Feline which left me with two suspects. Weto and Vampiro. I was getting close to solving this case, I could almost smell it.

12:36pm It happened, examining the paw mark.

I used my own paw to examine the paw imprint left at the crime scene and it was almost identical to mine, Weto was older and his paw was larger than mine, so that left one suspect, the suspect who I didn’t want to believe it could be… because he’s my brother… Vampiro…

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