“Do it I fucking dare you!” Whispered Aaron staring down the muzzle, “you don’t got the balls to pull that trigger.”

The woods are dark and boisterous with critters’ clamors and the only light creeping through the leaves was that of the full moon.

“Please don’t do this Ricky, let’s just put it down okay.” Whispered Gabriel.

“Put it down now Specialist,” whispered Linda, with her hand out to the gun, slowly walking towards Ricky.

“Get the fuck back!” Ricky said, now pointing the gun at Linda.

“Let’s just calm down, Ricky. We’re all hungry, tired, and stressed, I get that, but we need to stick together if we want to make-“ Gabriel started.


“Shhh” everyone but Ricky, said in unison.

“Don’t you fucking shush me!” Ricky said waving the gun frantically towards everyone, “I’m sick of this shit, I’m tired of living like this-“

“Quite right now Specialist, or you’re gonna-” Linda urged.

Suddenly she grew quiet, her body now a statue as she could see a pair of bright red eyes in the far distance. Her mouth quivered, with only a soft “shhh” escaping her lips.

Ricky stopped waving his gun abruptly, now aiming it right for Linda’s head. A gasp escaped from Linda’s mouth as Ricky pulled back the hammer…

“I FUCKING TOLD YOU NOT TO SHUSH M-“ Ricky’s body vanished into the night of the woods.

A gunshot went off, then another, and then another.

“HELP ME!!” Ricky cried, “HELP ME PLEASE!” but not one of them moved an inch.

Cracks like the snapping of tree branches and the sound of one drowning on their own blood filled the woods. Teeth ripping through flesh haunted their ears, for this wasn’t the first time they had heard it before.

“Staff Sergeant what do we do now?” whispered Gabriel.

“Quiet Corporal, just stay quiet and it will leave when it’s finished.” Whisper Linda.

“But what if it doesn’t?” whispered Gabriel.

“Yeah Sergeant, what if it doesn’t?” Whispered Aaron.

Linda still unable to move, focused on the dark figured with red eyes ripping through the carcass who was formally part of her unit.

“Then we’re gonna end up just like Ricky.” Whispered Linda.

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