New Intern

Oh gosh, I’m so excited for this opportunity, I’m so ready to prove my stuff. I’m going to show them that no one needs a fancy degree or anything like that to make it in this economy! I’m young, and ready to take this company to the top, even if I’m not the CEO yet, I’ll get there someday! I just need to walk through those doors and in just a couple years, I’ll be at the top, I just know it. Jessica is going to be blast them all away, they will be left wondering why it took them so long to hire me, here I come!

Jessica marches into the building confidently

20 flights of stairs later because the elevators have stopped, she marches into the front door of her new employer.

She sees the receptionist and immediately extends out her hand

“Hello, I’m Jessica, I’m the new-“

The Receptionist drops on her a huge pile of letters “Take this to the mailing room, and then head over to Mr. Richardson’s Office.”

“Yes Ma’am! I will do anything that this c-“

The Receptionist shoos her away “What are you still doing here, hurry up!!”

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I like books, photography, and films. I'm always online!

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