Aaron: You think I enjoy hitting you, you think I enjoy this? I don’t, but this is the only way you seem to learn.

Christy: *Trying to breathe from getting the wind knocked out of her, dragging her body away* …. *coughing* I’m sorry *coughing* I’ll be bettter next time *She starts to crawl away* It won’t happen again…

Aarron: *He walks to Christy, grabbing her by the hair* Get up! *He grabs her by the neck with his other hand, bringing her face up to his, she begins to wimper* Look at ME! This is the same type of shit you always pull, you make me feel like the bad guy, when all I want is for you to be better. You ALWAYS do this! *His grip starts to get tighter*

Christy: *Choking, her hands around his arm* I’m sorry, I’ll try to b- *Her neck starts to get really tight now* *She speaks but no words come out, and her eyes start to get red* 

Aaron: *He throws her to the ground* If you loved me, you wouldn’t make me do this to you, would you? *He stands over her, disgusted* And you want me to marry you? Not until you get your act together. I can’t be the perfect husband, until I have the perfect wife…. *He shakes his head* Clean yourself up.

Christy: *On the floor coughing and gasping for breath* *Her hands on her neck, her neck all warm* I’m sorry, I’ll be better next time. I’ll be perfect for you, babe. *A big smile came across her face* 

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