“So this is what we fought to get to?” Rick paused, “Everything we went through and this is it.” Rick walks towards the fire and kicks an empty bucket, sending it into the dark.

“It’s not fair! Death is always out there waiting for us, and every time I think we’ve made it, every time I think we’re done, there’s always something more to do.” He paused, “Why can’t this just be finished already, why can’t this end!”

Riley walks up to him, pressing up against his chest, whispering in his ear, “Rick calm down, we all are feeling your frustration but I need you to be strong-“

He pushes her off him, “STRONG!” Rick angrier now, “Your answer to me is to stay strong…. All I’ve been is strong for you, I’m tired of it.” He unstraps his gun, points it towards the group behind Riley, slowly waving it left and right frightening the group.

“I’m tired of having to go through this…. I’m done!” Riley takes a step closer to Rick, “Don’t do this Rick, we can push through this, like we always do. You and me, don’t focus on anyone else, just you and me.”

Tears running down Riley’s cheeks, she says “Please don’t do this.”

Rick lowers his gun.

Riley takes another step towards him, “We can push through-“

Rick raises the muzzle to his temple, “I can’t do this anymore, I’m sorry Riley-“

The loud crack of the gun filled the air, and then silence. Only the crackling of the fire kept the silence from conquering the night.

Her group rushed to check if Rick was still breathing, as Riley stood staring at the body lying in front of her as people were rushing to check Rick’s pulse, she couldn’t move. The fire began burning a little fainter. Now she truly felt alone.

The Debt

I never thought this day would come. I don’t know what to do, what do I do! “Please don’t do this, I need more time. What can I give, what else do you want? Just let me have a few more weeks please.”

“I’m so scared, what will happen afterwards, what will happen to me. I thought I had more time. Please, I’m begging you, please! I’ll give you anything! Anything!” I said.

From the darkness outside of the candle light, a deep raspy voice whispered, “Like I said before, all I want is your soul, nothing less and nothing more.” Out of the corner of the room, you see a dark figure with large horns protruding from it’s skull.

The Old House

“What are we even doing? It’s way past my curfew, I shouldn’t even be here, none of us should be here.” Glenn whispered. “If we get caught, I’m blaming you guys.”

“Your brother said he’d cover for you didn’t he. So stop worrying you idiot, we’re not going to get caught.” Joseph whispered “Now help me with this door. Miriam you too.”

They all grabbed hold of the large piece of wood blocking the door. “One, Two, Three.” They pulled and off the wood went. “Nice.” Joseph said, “Now we can see why everyone is so scared of this place.” He stretched out his hand for the door knob. He squeezed the handle, twisting it, “It’s unlocked?”

Dark Room

I’ve been here for just a few days now but it feels like weeks, I keep waking up to the night sky… it feels like I’m going to be stuck here forever.

The walls are yellow and gray. The lining of the roof are rainbows, so this was probably a kids room before and that really freaks me out. I need to get out of here but there’s always a nurse outside that keeps watch of me. Every time I try to get out of bed they come into the room and poke me with a huge syringe, and squeeze until I drift off to sleep.

I need to get out of here. Completely still, just staring me down they keep watch, but I’ve noticed a pattern. When the buzzer rings, the old nurse leaves and a new one takes their place. It happens every 6 hours like clockwork, one leaves and the new nurse comes in after exactly 30 mins, so if I have a chance to get out it will have to be then.