The Rainbow Room (1/3)

“I have to go honey, now get out the car and go inside because I need to leave already,” said Jane.

“I don’t want to, can’t I just come to work with you” said Maribel.

“No, you can’t come and I’m already late so go inside and I’ll pick you up at four” responded Jane more assertively.

“But you won’t even know I’m th-” started Maribel, Jane was now more agitated, “What has gotten into you Maribel, be a good girl and listen, okay!”

Maribel gave up her resistance and opened the passenger door and stepped outside, grabbing her backpack, “I love you mommy…” then closed the car door.

Jane pulled out of the driveway quickly and sped out in a hurry.

Maribel was hesitant, she didn’t like to come to this daycare anymore, it used to be her favorite place but now it just felt hollow. She used to love it so much because of all the fun she would have and the fact that she would get to see all her friends, but now just the thought of this place made her stomach turn.

The Other Place

Two figures could be seen walking hand in hand, one smaller than the other.

“Mommy… where are we?” said the little girl.

“I don’t know honey, but we need to keep walking.” said the woman.

“I’m scared…” started the little girl, “I don’t like this place, can we just go home please?”

The little girl began to tug her arm away from her mother, “I don’t want to go that way anymore, I want to go home mommy, why can’t we just go back ho-“

“Stop it Lani, you need to stop acting like a little child” The mother paused, “We need to keep walking forward, we can’t go home anymore.”

Lani gave up her attempt to convince her mother to turn back, and let herself be pulled.

An hour had passed, Lani was getting restless but didn’t want to upset her mother again. She was hesitant to ask a question that had been bugging her since they first started on this path.

“Mommy, is it my fault we are walking this way?” Lani’s soft voice said, “I didn’t mean to make Daddy so mad, I just wanted him to stop.” She had been feeling guilty and now she finally said what had been on her mind.

Her mother stopped in her tracks and stood completely still lowering her head, for she could no longer deny her emotions. She turned around and got on one knee to face Lani and started to embrace her. Lani could feel tears soaking the right shoulder of her pajamas, “I’m sorry mommy I didn’t m-” said Lani.

“It’s my fault- Lani…” Her mother’s voice cracked, with tears rolling down her face “I should’ve been stronger, I should’ve done something sooner and now it’s too late…” She took a deep breathe and raised her head away from Lani, looking her in the face. Her eyes were watery with cheeks still puffy and soaked from the tears, “You did nothing wrong Lani, you are my special girl” She let out a small smile, “I need you to be strong for me and follow where I go okay?”

“Okay mommy, I’ll be strong…” said Lani, not wanting to let her mother down.

Her mother stood back up and turned away from Lani, walking towards the light.

Lani followed quickly behind her mother.

They were on their way to where light shined bright, where things were calm and best, they were on their way to the other place, where their souls could finally rest.

Romance In 2018

*both vaping*

Her: You’re the only one I want in my Gucci Gang.

Him: Fam, when I first saw your Selfie I thought “Slay” and swiped up. 

*both with tears in their eyes*

Her: We should Snapchat this moment, so our followers can know.

*a smile cracks from his lips*

Him: Same…

Her: Same…

*they didn’t Snapchat and instead did Instagram stories*


The closet is dead silent, not one of the three girls is able to keep from fidgeting, but they won’t dare make a whisper. If a peep comes out of either of their mouths, the strangers in the house may hear them.

“As long as we keep quiet and stay in the closet,” Sarah thought, “the strangers will just take Mother’s pearls and maybe Father’s extra horse.” This thinking calmed her, she breathed a bit slower now. The men opened and slammed doors throughout the house, they ran up and down the stairs. So much clatter came from father’s office as they pushed his things off his desk and pulled out the drawers.

Emily started to whimper, she was sitting on top of Sarah’s lap because she was the smallest of the three girls.

“You need to be quiet” whispered Sarah into her ear. “They will leave soon I promise,” The whimpering from Emily continued, Jane started to nudge Emily on her belly with her elbow, “Shhh… Keep quiet” The whimpering from Emily stopped. Sarah’s lap started to feel very warm, then in a matter of seconds the smell began to engulf their tiny hiding space.

The ruckus continued from their father’s office but now footsteps could be heard coming from outside their bedroom door. “Have you guys checked this room yet!?” No response came from the others. The door slowly creaked open as the man entered the girls’ bedroom. He rushed for under the bed, searching for something of value, he ran towards the dresser ripping out the dresser drawers and slamming them against the wall.

Sarah used both hands to cover Emily’s mouth. He found a few pendants and necklaces and pushed them into the pockets of his jacket. He scanned the room and noticed the closet door, “I wonder what’s in here..” Sarah’s heart tightened, Jane held her breathe. He stepped closer, his arm stretched out and clutched the closet door handle. The handle began to turn. Sarah didn’t know what to do, they were trapped.

He suddenly let go and his footsteps were quick to walk out of the room. Outside of the room the men were grouping together, huddling up and ready to leave the house. One of the men said, “Hey we forgot to raid that room,” and started for the bedroom of the girls. “I already checked it, I got everything worth getting, plus the room smells like piss!”

The men left the house in a hurry, slamming out the front door and getting on their horses and riding off.

Ms. Davis

“Ms. Davis will see you now.” said the secretary.

Riley’s breathing was a little heavy, she hadn’t felt this giddy in a long time. This was her big opportunity to get her foot in the door with Goldman Sachs.

She stood up from her seat, shook herself off, put on a big smile and walked through the office door.

Ms. Davis’ office was a little smaller than she expected, it was cluttered with binders and folders stacked up around the small room, like mini skyscrapers. Hilda Davis was on the phone looking up grinning, signaling with her index finger to wait a moment. “I actually have an interview so I’ll have to catch up with you later, thanks again for the call Frank,” She hung up the phone, “Hello!” she started, “So sorry for the mess,” she stood up from her desk and started walking towards Riley, extending her arm out, “I hope the wait wasn’t too long.” They shook hands.

“Not at all,” Riley answered.

Ms. Davis, quickly turned and walked back to her seat, “Are you thirsty, did Hillary offer you a bottle of water?” “No, no, I’m fine. Thanks for asking.” responded Riley.

Riley was still standing with her left hand clutching her resume binder. “Please take a seat Hun or else your feet are going to hurt if you stand the whole interview.” Riley pulled out a seat.

“Okay, where are you.” Ms. Davis started to search between the many papers which cluttered her desk, “Where is it… I just had it.” She flipped through papers and folders, sliding piles of files out of the way, “Here we go, Riley Peterson.”

Hilda Davis had such a motherly tone of voice, like she had never said “No” a day in her life. She wore dingy old glasses, nice lipstick but on her lips it looked cheap. She was wearing a yellow slim dress with lots of flowers all over it, with heavily padded shoulders which made her look even tinier with her skinny frame. This was not the woman Riley wanted to work for, but she needed her start in the company.

Hilda quickly skimmed through Riley’s resume, “Interesting, so why Goldman Sachs?”

Riley started, “Well everyone knows Goldman Sachs for one, and it’s a great com-“

“Let me stop you there,” Hilda Davis’ jolly voice was now a bit more serious, she took off her glasses looked directly into Riley’s eyes, “Do you really want this job… I don’t want any bullshit from you okay, give me your full honesty and maybe I’ll give you a shot.” Her face was stoic and unflinching.

Riley was caught off guard, Ms. Davis had quickly switched up on her. Riley had two choices, to keep up the fake smile and play stupid, or to be completely blunt with Ms. Davis.

Riley took a deep breath, “Okay, you want to know the truth, I’m here to make money and grow as fast as possible, and you are my IN” she stopped, almost unable to believe what had just come out of her mouth. She played it cool with her shaking right leg being her only tell, that she was the most nervous she’d ever been in her entire life.

“Wow, you almost told me the truth, but not completely.” Hilda smirked, “Let me ask you the same question in a different way. Why Goldman Sachs and not JPMorgan… and this time don’t hold back.”

“What was the point of this question, is this some kind of test?” Riley thought. She paused again for a moment and took another deep breath, “Honesty…” she thought.

“I’d much rather be working for JPMorgan, they are a larger market cap, they have more room to grow and honestly the pay would probably be higher, but right now they aren’t hiring and you guys are.” Riley finished, she had never been so free to say what she thinks before, it almost felt wrong.

Hilda nodded her head, tapped her left thumb on her desk a few times and bit her upper lip.

Riley knew she had trashed her chances with the company, she should of just kept the fake smile.

All that work she had put in, all those years at university and she just threw a great opportunity out the window by being too honest with Ms. Davis. She almost got right up and ran out the door in shame but stayed glued sitting in her seat, waiting for Hilda Davis’ reaction.

“Wow, if that’s the truth then I probably shouldn’t even consider you for the position…” she started, “but the one thing I value more than Loyalty, is Honesty, and plus…. I think I can change your mind about Goldman Sachs…. Can you start tomorrow?”

The Mad Cooks

“All I’m saying is that I don’t get why some people like Fettuccine but not Linguine if they’re both noodles.” Said Jeremy.

“Are you trying to make me mad?” responded Anthony.

“I’m completely serious, why?” again Jeremy.

“Okay first of all, you uncultured swine,” started Anthony, “they are both pastas, and no they are totally not the same thing, Fettuccine is thicker and has a bolder taste, its richer… Linguine is okay but nowhere in comparison.”

“Um, first of all, fuck you bitch. Linguine is way better and yeah you’re right Fettuccine isn’t really worth putting it in the same category because Fettuccine is complete garbage.” Jeremy louder now.

“Okay, that’s it, I”m sick of your shit…. I’m kicking your ass!”

They wrestled each other to the ground, pulling out each other’s hair and ripping clothes

“Guys!” Kyle burst into the kitchen, “Why are you guys fighting? There’s customers in the restaurant.” He said firmly from across the kitchen.

“Stupid Jeremy here, actually believes that Linguine is better than Fettuccine.” Anthony struggled, not letting Jeremy get the upper hand on him.

“So you guys are fighting about Spaghetti!?” asked a confused Kyle.

Suddenly, Jeremy and Anthony lessened their grips on each other and were no longer trying to get the upper hand on each other. They both shot up off the ground in a fury and bolted towards Kyle.

Quickly Kyle burst out the doors screaming after they began to chase after him.

Angrily they both ran after Kyle out of the kitchen, and then out of the restaurant, “They are not Spaghetti!” They both shouted, “We are kicking your ass when we get our hands on you!”

Dating Bio

I don’t even know why I’m on here, my friends made me do this. I’m a humble Christian loving woman looking for something serious so please don’t waste my time. Absolutely no hook-ups, so if that’s what you’re looking for, feel free to swipe left. I am the mother of two angels and they mean the world to me. I love Starbucks and Target, they are my favorite places in the whole world. I’m 5’4″ (very tall) so if you’re not at least 6 feet tall then don’t even bother. Boys can’t handle a woman like me, so only swipe right if you’re a real man. I never message first, so if you want to talk to me then message me.

**McDonald’s is not considered a date!**

P.S. I might have accidentally swiped right because of your dog.


God blessed me the first day I saw her, I just knew she had to be mine. Her smile can light up the night sky, the curves on her are endless, her laugh sounds like the laugh of an angel, and her hair is long, rich and wavy like a vibrant red river. I fall more in love with her every single night that she spends in my home. Some days are better than most and she loves to try and fool me into thinking that I can do better than her but the truth is, I don’t want anyone else but her. If only she knew how much I care about her and that I would do anything to keep her. She burns the fuel that pumps my heart and gives me a reason to wake up in the morning, to go downstairs and feed her. I personally believe that if you really love someone, you do whatever it takes to make them yours. I only wish for once, I could take off the chains and she wouldn’t try and escape.


Howling outside the barricaded doors drained through the cracks and into the room

“We’re fucked you hear me, FUCKED!” cried Chris. “What do we do? They’re coming, it’s only a matter of-” started Beverly, “It doesn’t fucking matter what we do, once they break through those doors, we’re completely fucked!” snapped Chris. “Get yourself together man, I need you at a hundred percent. We’ve been through this before, we can do it again!” proclaimed Sherry, “No, this is different, this time there’s no way out-” began Chris.

A slap to Chris’ face silenced the room for a split second. Chris’ right cheek became red and hot.

“Listen Chris, you need to get your shit together,” Sherry pulled on his vest, “We are going to get through this, because we didn’t fight through all this shit just for me to die in this fucking room with all this random ass marching band equipment, with two other assholes; we are going to get through this, so get your shit together and help us get through this, okay.” Chris with his hand caressing his cheek, calmed down a bit, “And if we don’t, then what?” A smirk cracked the left side of Sherry’s mouth, “Well…. then I guess you’ll be right for once and we really are fucked.”

The howling coming from just outside the door, flooded into the room

“Guys! They’re here!” Exclaimed Beverly.


“Here is the salmon you asked for, joined by oysters followed with four shrimps with a small dip of creamy white wine specialty sauce and the small side of calamari you requested. Is there anything else I can get for you?” The waiter asked.

“Yes actually!” Ashlyne started, “I need more wine, and please make it fast, I would love to drink my wine with my meal” her fingers snapped.

My name is Ashlyne, and I’m not a bitch but I am a food blogger living on the east coast and no one knows food better than me. I have to play the part because honestly no one takes you seriously if you’re not a total snob. I’ve been in every type of kitchen, from restaurants in New York City to Barcelona to New Dehli. I simply loooove food, I can pretty much eat anything, but I’m a glorified food taster and reviews need to be written, and who better to write them than me.

I never have to pay for my meals, because obviously I’m the best and restaurants live and die by my words. Like I said before, I’m not a bitch, but if it wasn’t for me, how would the people know where to eat. Anyways, where’s that waiter with my wine, I’m going to die of thirst if he doesn’t hurry…