“Hel-” Chelsea said, trying to speak. She began to cough viciously.

A red light started blinking very rapidly on the machine to the right side of her bed.

Chelsea tried to turn her head to get a better look at the machine but felt constrained by all the needles in her arm and something pulling at her nose. “What is happening, where am I?” she thought, feeling weak and sore as if she had just completed a full body workout the day before.

Chelsea looked around the room. Everything was white, from the walls to the crown molding to the ceilings. She was on a hospital bed and she could hear coughing, rapid talking and beeping machines outside of the room.

There was a knock on the door, a lady dressed in all white appeared and rushed towards the machine where the red light was blinking. The nurse was tampering with the machine until the red light stopped blinking, then she moved on to fix the needles on Chelsea’s arm.

“Hello” Chelsea’s voice cracked.

The nurse jerked back against the machine she had just re-calibrated, “Oh my gosh you startled me” she said with her hands pressed against her chest.

“Sorry about-” Chelsea managed to blurt out before she started coughing again.

“Let me go and get you some water, I’ll be right back” the nurse said before she started for the exit of the room.

“Wait!” Chelsea whispered, “What happen-” she started coughing, trying to fight it but she kept coughing.

The nurse paused at the doorway of the room, “All I know is that you were in an accident. I’ll be right back with that water okay” and then left the room.

Chelsea finally managed to stop coughing and tried to think back to the last thing she could remember. “I was in my mom’s car going home,” she started to think “I was picking up Jeremy from soccer practice, he was in the passenger seat.”


“This cereal is really good daddy, thank you” Ellie said as she wiped her mouth with her hand.

“Ellie, what did we say about wiping our mouth?” said Darrell, pulling a paper towel off the roll.

“Sorry daddy, I forget sometimes… please don’t be mad at me.” replied Ellie with her head down to her cereal.

Darrell took a breath, “Here” he pulled her chin up and wiped her mouth with the paper towel, “I’m not mad at you darling, I just wish you would listen to what I say.”

“I’m sorry daddy, I will be good. I need to go to school now,” Ellie started to get up from her seat.

Darrell grabbed her wrist, “Finish your cereal first.” He had a big smile on his face.

Ellie’s breathing got faster, “Okay daddy, I will, don’t be mad.” She then went on to finish her cereal as fast as possible, trying to control her breathing.

“So… you haven’t asked me a question for a few days now” Darrell paused, “Why is that?”

“No reason, I just don’t have any questions” replied Ellie, “I’m finished now, see.” Showing him the bowl, “I’m off to school now.” Ellie got up from her chair and tried to get to the front door.

“Darling!” commanded Darrell, “How about this? You can ask me anything, and I promise I won’t get mad.”

Ellie had her hand on the door, her breathing started to get fast again, “I don’t have any questions, daddy-”

“Don’t lie to me, I said I promise I won’t get mad” he said.

Her hand still on the door, “You promise…?”

He cracked a smile, “Yes darling, I won’t get mad.”

She took a second with her hand still on the door, “Can we see mommy?”

Darrell began to press his teeth inside his mouth, “No! Ask me something else.” his eyes were more serious now.

“I need to get to school daddy-” she started, her hand still on the door, wanting to just open it and leave.

“Ellie, ask me something else. I promised… I won’t get mad.” he said.

She took a deep breath, “Why is mommy in the basement?”

Glass Half Full

“Are you going to drink that?” said the bartender. He had been ignoring the stranger but noticed that they hadn’t touched their glass.

The stranger remained silent, staring at the drink with his right hand in his jacket, moving it around like he was rubbing his fingers on something inside the pocket.

The bartender wanted to ignore him but no one else was at the bar. He noticed the dog tags the stranger was wearing around his neck, “Oh did you serve?” and waited for a response.The stranger let out a cough, still looking at the glass “You know… when I was a teenager, I met the most beautiful girl in the world. Those eyes could floor you with one look, and they did just that to me.” The bartender stepped a little closer towards the bar putting down the glass he had wiped down and picked up a dirty one. “I ain’t come from money, so I joined the Marines right out of high school and left her here in the States” the stranger looked up from the glass and started talking to the Bartender, “I was so sure she would find someone else, you couldn’t keep a girl like that from being noticed in that town. She could’ve had any smuck she wanted but when I came back from my tour she was waiting for me, can you believe that?” the stranger’s mouth cracked out a tiny smirk. It didn’t look right, the man’s face looked as if he hadn’t smiled in ages.The bartender put down the glass and stopped cleaning, his body inching closer to the stranger. “So what happened next…” the bartender asked.“Well, I got a job as a trucker and gave her a few kids. I worked a lot, taking extra assignments to make some more money. I just wanted to give her and the kids the best life; the life she deserved. I set us up in a nice big home surrounded by a red picket fence and a huge front door. I even got her this stupid little dog she always wanted; we were really happy” said the stranger moving his gaze back to the glass, pulling his right hand out of his jacket to grab the glass.The stranger started moving the glass around slowly, looking at the whiskey flow inside “But long trips on a truck alone do make you lonely. I started drinking… so much some days that the sun and the night just kind of meshed together… One night coming back from one of my trips, I was so hammered and angry and I just didn’t want to hear it. This beautiful woman who had made me the most happiest man and gave me the most wonderful kids…” He paused taking a moment to gulp down his drink, letting out a sigh of content, “Damn that’s strong! Pour me another one.” 


The sunlight bounced off of her skin, she glimmered with a radiating smile. She was the only good thing about all of this, the only thing left worth fighting for. She was everything to me and I was about to rip her heart out.

“Not here Frank, let’s do it another day” I pleaded, “Today is a bad day for her.”

“Everyday is a bad day Heather, we need to do it now because sooner or later she’s going to figure out what’s going on” replied Frank.

I knew Frank was right. It was time, but my heart wanted to keep her smile from fading as long as I could.

“Okay fine, but let me be the one to do it, it won’t sound so harsh coming from me” I said.

“Fine, whatever you think is best” replied Frank.

“Delilah! Come here for a moment” I said.

“Coming Mommy!” Delilah came rushing to the park bench where her parents were sitting, “Watch this!” She was running faster now, doing a cartwheel with her body, “I learned that at school yesterday, isn’t it cool?”

“That was so amazing Hunny” I replied, turning to face Frank, “Wasn’t that amazing Frank-”

Frank gave me a stern look, he wasn’t budging. I took a deep breath and turned back to facing her. That smile still beaming with happiness. She was so beautiful, I just wanted to stop time and keep her smile for eternity.

My heart wanted to break in half. I placed my left hand on her shoulder and started to run my fingers through her long brown hair. “Look Hunny” I started, “Your father and I love you very much, and we’re always going to keep loving you. I just want you to know none of this is your fault, okay.”


Adviser: “You are here today, due to the accusation that you have stolen from the throne, which is punishable by death. No one is exempt from this fate, unless the King decides otherwise.”

The court doors slam open, general Minaris rushes in

Minaris: “What is this? Why is my boy in chain-“

King: “Your son is in chains because someone accused him of stealing from the throne, from stealing from ME!”

Minaris checks himself and takes a knee, bowing his head

Minaris: “I’m deeply sorry Sire, I was unaware of these accusations against my boy however you must understand my lord, they are just accusations.”

King: “Rise Minaris, stand by your boy.”

Minaris rises and walks to his son

The boy is shaking and sobbing, like a scared child.

Boy: Sobbing, “I’m sorry father I didn’t me-“

Minaris: Whispering, “Silence boy, let me do the talking.”

Adviser: “Minaris, these accusations do come from the royal cabinet. Are you sure you are willing to go against them? You will face the same fate as your son if found guilty.”

Minaris: “I am aware.”

Adviser: “Okay then, let the trial commence.”


“You’re the one who wanted me here, you are the one who needed me here?”

“What!? Why would I want you here. Why in God’s name would I need you?”

“Now, now. There’s no need to use the G word. I just go where I’m wanted and I sensed you desired me.”

“But I don’t want you here, I don’t want this, I DON’T!”

“Yes, you do Veronica. Stop fighting it, you’re so close. So close to finally getting rid of all that pain. Just look at you, you’ve been through so much already. You just need to take that final step. Won’t you take that final step, I’ll go with you and make it all go away. It will all be easier once you do it. Here, let me help you.”

“NO! Stay back! I don’t want this, I don’t want you!”

“Veronica, don’t push me away, I only want what’s best for you. I’m not like them, they don’t deserve you. They don’t deserve how much you’ve given them. Everything you do and all they care about is themselves. Show them a lesson, only then will they learn. Learn how much they needed you, how much they just took you for granted.”

*Veronica shuts her eyes. Bursting out tears that begin to roll down her cheeks. The blade begins to slide against her neck.*

“There, there, Veronica. You’re doing so good. Just a little more. Just a little more. Just a little more.”

Park Lake

It’s been nearly two weeks, since residents of Garyville were last subjected to the mysterious discovery in Park Lake. The drowned boy who was a bald Caucasian male roughly around 11-13 years of age has yet to be claimed by his parents. 

Authorities have already had a town meeting, where no new information regarding the young male came to light. It was a striking discover, but our station now has news that at approximately 4 o’clock this morning, another body was found in Park Lake. 
Our source from the Sheriff’s office has informed us that it was, a bald Caucasian female roughly around 11-13 years of age, with no one claiming to be her parents. Mayor Bradley has already declared an emergency town curfew, that any child under the age of 17 must be in the home before 5pm for the next coming weeks, or their parents will be fined. Mayor Bradley has stated that Park Lake has now been considered a crime scene indefinitely until the authorities declare it no longer needs to be.

Residents have already voiced their fears that there might be a trend and are alarmed that these incidents might be part of something bigger. That is all the information our station has at this moment but we will continue to update you with more information in the next coming days, once we have more details. This is Rebecca Stiles from News Channel 9 keeping Garyville residents updated, now signing off.


Aaron: You think I enjoy hitting you, you think I enjoy this? I don’t, but this is the only way you seem to learn.

Christy: *Trying to breathe from getting the wind knocked out of her, dragging her body away* …. *coughing* I’m sorry *coughing* I’ll be bettter next time *She starts to crawl away* It won’t happen again…

Aarron: *He walks to Christy, grabbing her by the hair* Get up! *He grabs her by the neck with his other hand, bringing her face up to his, she begins to wimper* Look at ME! This is the same type of shit you always pull, you make me feel like the bad guy, when all I want is for you to be better. You ALWAYS do this! *His grip starts to get tighter*

Christy: *Choking, her hands around his arm* I’m sorry, I’ll try to b- *Her neck starts to get really tight now* *She speaks but no words come out, and her eyes start to get red* 

Aaron: *He throws her to the ground* If you loved me, you wouldn’t make me do this to you, would you? *He stands over her, disgusted* And you want me to marry you? Not until you get your act together. I can’t be the perfect husband, until I have the perfect wife…. *He shakes his head* Clean yourself up.

Christy: *On the floor coughing and gasping for breath* *Her hands on her neck, her neck all warm* I’m sorry, I’ll be better next time. I’ll be perfect for you, babe. *A big smile came across her face* 

New Intern

Oh gosh, I’m so excited for this opportunity, I’m so ready to prove my stuff. I’m going to show them that no one needs a fancy degree or anything like that to make it in this economy! I’m young, and ready to take this company to the top, even if I’m not the CEO yet, I’ll get there someday! I just need to walk through those doors and in just a couple years, I’ll be at the top, I just know it. Jessica is going to be blast them all away, they will be left wondering why it took them so long to hire me, here I come!

Jessica marches into the building confidently

20 flights of stairs later because the elevators have stopped, she marches into the front door of her new employer.

She sees the receptionist and immediately extends out her hand

“Hello, I’m Jessica, I’m the new-“

The Receptionist drops on her a huge pile of letters “Take this to the mailing room, and then head over to Mr. Richardson’s Office.”

“Yes Ma’am! I will do anything that this c-“

The Receptionist shoos her away “What are you still doing here, hurry up!!”

6 Beers

Larry was opening his 5th beer

Man, time goes by so fast. It feels like yesterday I was turning 25, thinking about what I was going to be when I was 40. All the plane trips I would take, all the records I would break. Man, I miss those good old days. I actually thought I’d be the youngest president in history, I’d suddenly get interested in politics or something and then BOOM, I’d make my way to the oval office because I could connect with the people, because I was just like them. It’s funny how I thought that would happen and I haven’t even voted in the last 10 years.

Larry takes another long swig off his beer and wipes his mouth with the back of his wrist

The only thing good about this weekend is, I don’t have the kids. My ex tried to put them on me, saying that since it was my birthday, they should spend time with their dad. Pfft, I wasn’t going to fall for that; what, so she can have a weekend with her boyfriend Mario. This is MY weekend. I want to just sit here on my couch and watch the game, with a beer.

Larry takes another huge swig off his beer and then belches

Haha that was a good one. Man, this game isn’t great, I don’t even care if my team wins to be honest. I don’t even really care about anything right now, I just want…. I don’t even know what I want. Ugh why is my mind so out of it right now. I’ve only had like 5, what 6 beers? Man, I don’t even know how many beers I got in me to be honest.

Larry finishes off his beer and tosses it towards the kitchen trash bin

Stupid can, can’t even go into the trash. Get in the trash you stupid can! Man, this game is still on. Ugh it’s so boring in here, I feel like going for a drive, plus I need to get me some more beer since I just finished the last one.

Larry gets up off the couch and heads towards the front door

He gets to the front door twisting the doorknob

He stops

Wait a minute, I still got another beer in the fridge!